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Produce excessive mucus. Based on the presence of bloody mucus, i suspect that your cat has colitis. There are several causes of feline colitis, such as intestinal parasites, infection with giardia (a protozoan parasite), inflammatory bowel disease, and stress colitis, to name a few. Deworming your cat and switching to a high-fiber food is definitely the proper approach, and most cats respond to treatment. Fiv puts cats at increased risk for infection, and infectious causes of colitis would have to be high on the list. can a person with high blood pressure use viagra I would consider testing the feces for giardia. Overgrowth of large intestinal bacterial is also a possibility. Metronidazole is an antibiotic that is particularly effective at treating both giardia and intestinal bacterial overgrowth. You should ask your vet about this. Your cat might need an occasional short course of this antibiotic when the colitis flares up.   tweet send to a friend  give us your opinion onmy cat has bloody mucus   earn 1,000 points! What's this? Reader comments thank you so much you have given me a logical, to the point answer to my question. This i can deal with and get treated. I had imagined all the worst case scenarios. Susan, johnstown, nyposted: 3/23/2012 4:42:37 pm my cat has the same problem but no fiv. purchase generic viagra She hashadtheendoscopy think it was called done ad colon was enflamed. viagra canada Ste wend on metronidzole i think it was called for 10 days but also has to take steroids for the rest of her life to help it. She has to go back on te antibiotic if it flares up and eat natures touch venison and pea food. viagra online paypal canada I'm ashamed to say it but i haven't kept up with any of the medicine because it's so hard to catchher ad is traumati zed every time i give her some meds. I've had her for 9 years and to this day am the only perso she comes by. viagra coupon Y husband and i have been together 5 years and he still only gets a quick occasionaltouch of her fur. cheapest viagra pills Most people don't even know ihave a third cat because she hides all day waiting for me to be alone so she cn soak up all the love all at once! I somehow believe that this may have been caused by stress buy will probably never know. Melissa, manitowoc, wiposted: 9/18/2010 4:05:40 pm lots of great advice! We just found a little bloody mucus in a litter box shared by three cats. viagra canada online Now we know what to look for. Thank you. Bob, rochester, nyposted: 7/31/2010 6:43:42 am my kitten also has runny stools with mucus. generic viagra Just today i noticed she had some traces of red blood in her stool (not dark or black). Which based on your listing, is coming from the colon. She has already been tested fo. viagra europe online I specialise in financial and professional services,
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